Humboldt's Water Tower is located at the corner of 5th Street and 3rd Avenue in the city of Humboldt, Saskatchewan. Click here for a map.




Tours are available during the summer months. For information, phone (306) 682-4339 or (306) 682-3855. Access to the tower site is open to the public.


Who We Are


Humboldt's Water Tower Committee is a non-profit organization with the mandate of preserving, restoring and adaptively re-using the historic tower.


Water is Life!


The struggle to obtain an adequate water supply on the prairies is a story of epic proportions. Ultimately it is the struggle for survival - the struggle for life. Humboldt's Water Tower is part of that story. It is a significant part of our history as a community.


It's Appeal


Visitors to Humboldt comment on the tower's architectural interest. It has been the subject of a number of paintings and photographs attesting to its uniqueness and aesthetic value.


Future Plans


Restoration of the tower exterior is almost complete, and work continues on the interior of the structure and surrounding site.


Future plans are to provide access to the top by means of a new staircase for a grand view of the town and surrounding area. The tank interior and adjacent building will eventually house:

1) an interpretive center showing the history of the town's struggle for a water supply

2) small gift shop, and

3) an art gallery.


The tower may eventually be incorporated into a walking trail from the new Humboldt Ecological Park adjacent to the golf course.


View a video about the Humboldt Water Tower...

Humboldt Water Tower: A Little Lighthouse on the Prairie